Posts about using server side ASP.NET and C# technologies like Razor or ASPX


Posts about making the web more accessible to people with impairments such as blindness, color blindness, deafness, and hard of hearing


Posts that talk about using CSS Animations and Web Animations to spruce up your web app

CSS Libraries & Frameworks

Posts about using different CSS frameworks or libraries such as Animate.CSS or Bootstrap


Posts that talk about different ways to use CSS3

JS Frameworks

Posts about using JavaScript frameworks and libraries


Posts that talk about JavaScript


Articles about building Just Animate, a Web Animation library built to work with various frameworks


Articles about being a leader and the challenges involved

Model View Pizza

Creating a pizza application to learn about MVC/MVVM/MVP frameworks. Each posts goes over a simple usage and talks about the ease and difficulty of each framework


Posts about my personal life or this blog


Posts about using SVG to create beautiful and interesting controls

Simple Coding

A series of posts where I vent about coding practices that didn't agree with at the time. I probably regret something I said based on my experience at the time.

UX Design

Posts about User Experience on the web

Web Design

Posts about designing web apps

Web Development

Posts about coding practices, language enhancements, and sample projects. Anything web development