New Blog with Razor

When I started this blog in November, I decided to use Wordpress because it gave me a lot out of the box. It had social integration, the default themes had decent mobile support, and best of all, I could concentrate on building out content without dealing with code maintenance.

In the last 2 weeks, I realized that I was holding other people to a higher standard than I practiced with my blog. I could remember distinct times when I was dismissive of designers who used prepacked solutions. My thought process was that you should always put your best foot forward. Right or not, I decided that I should practice what I preach. I started making a list of requirements for my blog.


  • Site must be compatible with a lot of browsers without having to optimize for platform (if possible)
  • Posts must be search engine friendly
  • Posts must not need to change if I change the general layout
  • Layout must be contained in a single file
  • Pages must load under 500ms under optimal conditions

I decided to write my blog using Razor WebPages and limit the use of JavaScript and 3rd party CSS Frameworks. If I kept the content mostly HTML, I wouldn't have to worry very much about browser compatibility or search engine friendliness. Razor allowed me to keep the layout in a single file and provided a way to communicate the title and keywords. Limiting the CSS/JavaScript and doing simple server caching kept my page load times under control. Let me know what you think!