One Year of Blogging

I have officially had this blog running for over a year! It has been a few months since my last post due to work and personal stuff, but things are about to pick up again. Before I start churning out more articles, I think it is a good idea to reflect on why I started and why I am continuing to write. I started writing last November for a few different reasons:

I want to share my journey into UX and UI

Over three years ago, I realized that designers make a lot of decisions on what to build into an application. Their ideas and their work is seen well before a line of code is written and the stakeholders of the project expect those ideas to be made real. I had a lot of ideas, but I had been constantly told through subtle language cues that designers have something intangible and not everyone has it.

Contrary to popular wisdom, I now think that most people are capable of being creative if they allow themselves to be. Being good at design doesn't require something intangible. It requires years of practice, a healthy amount of intelligence, and an open mind for creativity.

I can attest that web design seems chaotic or mystical from the point of view of a server-side developer. It wasn't until I really started asking a lot of questions that I realized that web design is very technical and doesn't typically constitute art.

Good designers follow general principles and design philosophies much like good developers follow best practices and software design patterns.

I hope to continue sharing my experiences learning more about UX and UI as I go through the next year.

I want the internet to destroy my ideas

Great ideas don't appear fully formed for the taking. Decent ideas need to be refined and melted to become good. Good ideas need to be forged and tempered in order to become great.

Putting "wrong" answers online is the fastest way to get a "right" one. I could, for instance, insist on Reddit that all tech articles should start using blacksmith metaphors. After the compulsory troll or two, I might get an intelligent argument from the opposite point of view telling me that blacksmith metaphors are very unpopular with a jsperf to back it.

I want my ideas to fail... and fast. In the upcoming months, I plan to put more of myself on social media and in newsgroups to keep myself from falling into a rut.

I want to become a better writer

Writing well is very difficult. It is a skill that few have because it takes a long time to manifest. In a year and 25 articles later, I have only become a little bit better at writing. My first article took around a week to finish, and it was a simple tip for forcing hard reloads. I have since discovered better techniques for forcing resource downloads, but I want to showcase how night and day that article is from An Internet For Everyone. That article took around a day to write.

I still have a lot to learn about putting thoughts down and about myself. However, I am optimistic that if I put my mind to it and push on forward, I will go even further this year.